centrafuse voice dial
Question asked by Jay - November 6, 2015 at 9:20 AM
I'm installing the voice dial function in centrafuse.
I use centrafuse in german. so far its working.
The windows voice Hedda is speaking some words in english some in german...
if i say "anrufen 'kontakt'" (call contact) centrafuse understands me and want to dial.
after that she asks me "Home or Mobile"
if i say "Mobile" she understands and starts dialing. but if I say "Home" or the german word "Zuhause" or Heim, Privat -> she says: CANCEL
I coudn't find the command!
what is the command for Home? And could i change this?
changes in the folder programdata\centrafuse auto\"profile"\system\mssapi.xml and mssapi_deu.xml
are not working. only the commands you can change in centrafuse like "Main Menu", "mixer".... are working
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