Windows 10 Helpful Hints
Question asked by Robert - December 25, 2015 at 3:13 PM
I purchased a Localizer 5 program but it was unclear as to the process of licensing the program.  If you purchase the no GUI version, how do you get the hardware ID?  It wasn't clear in the instructions since they refer to the GUI version.  You have to go to the Program Files Centrafuse directory and run HID.exe as Administrator.  The DOS window will then show the hardware ID and the "hardwareid.txt" file will show up as stated in the instructions.  If you don't run as Administrator it won't happen.  Then go to Centrafuse Home/Manage License and put in the hardware ID numbers.   Only then will you generate the email with the Localizer license file.  When you get the email, Windows 10 won't let you save the file directly into your Program File directory as the email states.  I had to save it in Documents and then move it over using Administrator privileges.  Hey Centrafuse, save yourself a lot of trouble and put all this down in one page as a step by step process for your products.  It is not clear because various instructions are all over the place and they are really incomplete.  I did have success after an hour of trial and error and I'm a geek.  Good luck!

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