Centrafuse Auto build beta is ready!
Idea shared by The Centrafuse Team - January 25, 2016 at 9:30 AM
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You can try out the latest beta build of Centrafuse Auto here: http://1drv.ms/1PMNw5E
Lots of focus on Bluetooth  and other bug fixes. in particular, if you have Silabs or HD radio hardware, please give it a test.  Here's a partial list of fixes:
Centrafuse B4.4.9 (Beta3 9n):

Centrafuse core:
- InfoDisplay.cs:
- Increased display time from 1.2 to 4.8 seconds.

- Main.cs:
- Introduced stacked attmutes
- Experimental: Introduced text auto-scaling to avoid large fonts with Windows 10.
- BugFix: Moved setting to enable reading valid values from Config
- Hide quick splash form before showing main splash screen/form
- Force splash screen to show up earlier
- Force buffered playback stop on CF exit
- BugFix: Avoid double stop of audio at CF exit causing volumes left zero
- Performance improvement: stop searching for audio devices when a match is already found
- BugFix: Don't unnecessary reset Bass status is OK
- Bugfix: Avoid reset the default recording device.
- Bugfix: Improved GPS signal status icon handling
- BugFix: Reset master volume before unmuting audio
- BugFix: No need to do att mute when audio is stopped by MUTEAUDIO
- BugFix: Continue buffering radio while on the phone
- Improve audio handling on incoming and ended phone calls (no unnecessary fades, faster pick up)
- BugFix: Play ring tone when phone doesn't support a in-band ringtone
- BugFix: Avoid click at end of fade out (buffered radio)
- BufFix: reset phone line Volume back to original on pause music
- BugFix: Force Info Display box to show up in specific cases
- BugFix: Avoid conficts between attMute and -unMute.
- Experimental: Downsize fonts for higher resolutions
- BugFix: Don't pause audio twice when going into suspend mode
- BugFix: Add check to see if CF has completed all processing when the system was suspended. Delay resume in that case

- Phone.cs:
- Bugfix: Improved handling of GPS signal and battery status icons.

- audioVideoSetup.cs:
- BugFix: Correct handling of ATT mute while changing to or from buffer mode.

- radiosetup.cs:
- BugFix: Correct handling of ATT mute while changing to or from buffer mode.

- voicerecorder.cs:
- Improved performance: Don't continue to scan all audio devices when we already have a match


- CFPlugin.cs:
- Added extra NAV interface method that will be called when another NAV engine is selected (SDK)
- BugFix: Avoid conversion exceptions while parsing inRoute parameter
- BugFix: Use correct screen size parameters to calculate font sizes.

Streaming apps like Shoutcast and Pandora may not (will not) work on this beta. We'll need to update those apps because of a change in the BASS library version.
More later!

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