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Idea shared by The Centrafuse Team - January 25, 2016 at 10:14 AM
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Just a little heads-up about the development/release schedule for Centrafuse Auto.

  1. Centrafuse Auto beta is on the street and will probably be the last beta before release. We have a number of ancillary builds that need to go along with this release, but the goal will be to get it out there in the next week to 10 days.
  2. With the release of Centrafuse 4.4.9, we will end support for Windows XP. This will be the last version of Centrafuse Auto that supports Windows XP. I've been talking about it for more than a year, and the day is finally here.
  3. We hope to release Centrafuse Auto 4.5 by the end of February. This will be an upgrade to the .Net 4.5 framework. In addition to improved performance across the board, it will allow us to bring the overall platform up to current Microsoft standards. Since the .Net 4.5 Framework is not supported on Windows XP, you will need to be running Windows 7 or a later OS at a minimum to run Centrafuse Auto 4.5
  4. Centrafuse Auto 4.5 will be a FREE upgrade for all current users. This policy will continue for all future releases of the legacy (windows form-based) Centrafuse Auto product. With the release of Centrafuse Auto 4.5, we are permanently lowering the price of Centrafuse Auto to $59.99 (the current sale will continue until the Centrafuse Auto 4.5 release).
  5. CentrafuseX is coming. CentrafuseX will be the next-generation WPF-based platform for the Centrafuse application framework. The focus will be on touch-centric applications in a tablet environment, in your car, on the move or in your home. While there will be some overlap in functionality with Centrafuse Auto, it will be a separate product line.
  6. We have a couple of other tablet-based, stand-alone automotive applications coming to market in the near future. These products will be more along the lines of Localizer (single purpose) in style with more typical app store pricing. Stay tuned.

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