HD Radio - SDK Question - Pulling Data From HD Stream
Question asked by Jacob - May 30, 2016 at 7:59 PM
I'm interested in building an app using their SDK, and I would want to pull the HD data from the radio stream.  The only place I could find where I would do this is the GetRDSInformation() method:
From their site:  /sdk/interfacecentrafuse_1_1_plugins_1_1_i_c_f_radio.html#a3ac41a5011283187551e544d3eb0ea99
However, I don't think this is for HD stations/data -- I think it's only for AM and FM data:
From Wikipedia:  wiki/Radio_Data_System
Am I right?  If so, how can I pull the HD data from the HD stream?
If I'm wrong....is that the right method call?  If so, what would it return?  If not, then what is?

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