CF Tweaks - Windows 10 app launch
Question asked by Barry - February 7 at 7:59 AM
Hello all,
Just a couple of simple problems I am having within CF that I would like to see if anyone has found a fix for or a work around. Using Windows 10
1. when making or receiving a phone call, I have no sound until I hit one of the volume keys. This was working before. If I receive a call no ringtone. Seems volume is muted. Everything works normal after I tap one of the volume arrows.
2. This is a embed issue. Has anyone tried to launch a windows app from within CF. I made a batch file to launch the windows app and then embedded it to one of the buttons. CF launches app fine, but the app overlays on top of CF. my question is, can the app be launched so that it stays within the window of CF? Like the youtube video of embedding Notepad! - thought it would look neater if it stayed within CF. also related, I've noticed that CF will hang when an app is closed (get a win10 pop to close or wait for program to respond) if you wait, CF will continue as normal.
3. The HD radio app - saved the same radio station twice (accident). used the delete button and it does remove it, but when I restart CF the duplicate station is there again. you can delete it again and it goes away, but on every restart it comes back.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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