Centrafuse won't run at all. (or you're just having some really strange issues) What can I do?

Centrafuse > FAQ > Trouble Shooting
  1. Make a copy of your license file and store it in a safe place. you can always resend your current license from your My account page.
  2. Uninstall Centrafuse
  3. Run windows update and make sure that you have installed ALL the latest recommended updates and patches. If Windows updates tells you your machine is up to date...that's good!
  4. Download latest Centrafuse Auto version.
  5. Reboot. Always good to start fresh.
  6. Run the installer. Pay particular attention to the .Net Framework installation and make sure that everything is installed (or repaired) correctly.
  7. If no errors were encountered during installation, try running Centrafuse. you may want to try running it as administrator.
  8. Right click the desktop icon.
  9. Select properties
  10. Select the Compatibility tab
  11. Check the "run with administrator privileges" box
  12. Click OK

Please review our video series on installing and configuring Centrafuse Auto YouTube Video Guides

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