Why does Centrafuse think I don't have a valid internet connection, when I clearly do?

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Centrafuse relies on Windows to tell it if and when it has an internet connection. If Windows thinks it has one, then Centrafuse will too. Open a browser on the desktop and try to go to www.Google.com. If it works, Centrafuse should be able to reach the internet. If not, fix it in Windows. that's where your problem is.

The following is for reference on older installations only. The <interneturl> value is no longer used in Centrafuse.

Sometimes this can happen due to a proxy or firewall connection. If that isn't the issue, then you can try to make a change that will use a different method of checking inet connectivity.

Locate the config.xml in your /System folder inside your settings C:\ProgramData\Centrafuse\Centrafuse Auto\{Windows user}\System)

Open the config.xml file in a text editor like Notepad and edit this line: <interneturl></interneturl>

Modify it by adding a site such as www.google.com inside, such as: <interneturl>www.google.com</interneturl>

Save the file and restart CF. This will make CF try to PING google.com instead of using the built-in method which clearly isn't working on your machine.

If this doesn't help, I'd suggest trying a different Wifi network, or even a different Wifi adapter to remedy the issue.

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