Can I embed a program within Centrafuse?

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There are two ways of doing this. The first is to use Centrafuse to do so, the second is to use a 3rd party app called Apploader.

This write-up will discuss the option to do so within Centrafuse. This option is used to have access to a program that is installed on your machine within Centrafuse.

  • With Centrafuse running, go to System > Settings and turn on "Advanced".
  • Then press the "Apps" button to get to the options needed to continue.
  • Find the "+" button at the top of the screen and press it.
  • The next window will ask you if you wish to add an application or a web link; you need to choose application.
  • First, it will ask you for the application name. For this example, we will be using "Notepad". It will then take you to the "External Application" setup screen.
  • You will need to point to the location of the application you wish to include next. The location for notepad is C:\Windows\ and you would then choose "notepad.exe".
  • The next option to set, if needed, is any application parameters. This will allow you to send commands to the program directly for internal commands. If none are needed, you do not need to fill in this line with anything.
  • Next, you will need to input the "Window Name" which is the title of the window when the program opens. While on this page, you can set the option to pause music or make the program open in full screen.

On page 2

  • You will need to fill in a title for this new "app" that will show up in the top-left of the Centrafuse interface. This name can be anything you want.
  • If you have a program that plays audio, you can choose another audio output device to have it use.
  • The last option is only used if you have more than one display connected to your machine. This will allow you to choose which screen this program will show up on.
  • After this, the last thing you need to do is add a custom icon. This is done by adding an image file in PNG format that is 90px X 90px and is placed in the icons folder located in
    C:\Program Files\Centrafuse\Centrafuse Auto\Skins\Clean\Icons
    and is given the same name as the title that you used above.

After you have everything setup, you will need to assign it to a button by going to the main window and finding a blank button and holding it down until a list of apps appears. Scroll down until you find the program you just setup and select it. It will then take you back to the main menu and you will see your new app. You are now ready to enjoy your new program within Centrafuse.

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