How is Centrafuse Licensed?

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You can install the trial version of Centrafuse on as many PCs or tablets as you want, and test them for up to 30 days. This is 100% fully functional, no limitations of any kind.
  • When you purchase a copy of Centrafuse, you are entitled to create 3 full licenses tied to a unique Hardware ID. This means you can use Centrafuse on 3 different devices.
  • Each license can be reset once to a different hardware ID than the original. This is to cover bios upgrades or when you change out motherboards, but it effectively lets you license up to 6 different devices.
  • So, 1 purchase, 3 licenses, 6 devices.

We believe this is as fair and generous as any licensing agreement around. We know people like to swap hardware and try out new tablets and what not. Just keep in mind that once you hit the limit of 6 devices, you’re going to need to purchase an additional Centrafuse license.

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