How can I tell if my phone supports the available Bluetooth features?

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There are three Bluetooth profiles currently used in Centrafuse:
  1. HFP - Hands free Profiles
  2. PBAP - Phonebook Access Profile
  3. A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile

HFP or Handsfree is the Bluetooth profile required for handsfree phone call operation. Most modern phones support this profile, while some older handsets do not. This is what allows you to pair your phone to Centrafuse and make and receive calls with the voice coming through your car speakers and the system microphone handling your voice. Think of it as your CarPC acting as a Bluetooth headset.

PBAP or Phonebook Access Profile is used to synchronize your contacts from your mobile phone. Not all phones support this, but a lot do.

A2DP aka AADP or Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is what allows you to enable Bluetooth streaming option under Bluetooth Settings. This is useful for playing an audio stream on your phone and routing the audio to your car speakers. Common examples are Pandora or your favorite podcast or news app on your smartphone and listening to that on your CarPC.

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