Does Centrafuse support AAC and M4A files from iTunes and iTunes Plus?

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Yes, Centrafuse 4.x will support all of the most common audio files on the web today including playback of AAC and M4A files from iTunes. It will NOT however support the playback of M4P (protected) aka iTunes DRM aka M4P.

This is not to be confused with MP4 which is a video container format also sometimes used by iTunes, but by many other video formats as well. For MP4 playback of Apple iTunes videos (non-DRM) you will need QuickTime installed. For playback of other MP4 container formats you will need to have the appropriate codec installed. eg. H.264, MKV, AVI, DivX etc.

Update: In order to playback AAC or related files, you must download "bass_aac.dll" for AAC playback. See and look for BASS AAC. Download that, install it and then restart Centrafuse.

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