What is Centrafuse Connect?

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Centrafuse Connect is a new tool that is available for users of 4.0 and above. It allows you to create playlists, find destinations, create a list of places you want to travel to and track your driving history.

Centrafuse connect relies on two parts to work, a website www.centrafuseconnect.com and Centrafuse Connect App

Once you have logged in to the website and activated your account, you can install the app to your vehicle machine and begin syncing your songs and data.

Note: Only the ID3 tag data is stored in CentrafuseConnect, not the actual music file. This allows you to create playlists on CentrafuseConnect, and download them to Centrafuse Auto for use in the car. You can sync your playlist information along with your location data from the CentrafuseConnect app in the car.

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