What startup parameters are available with Centrafuse?

Centrafuse > FAQ > Setup and Configuration
You can use the following startup parameters with Centrafuse.exe
  • -advsettings Enable advanced settings
  • -nolimit Disable limits while the vehicle is in motion*
  • -nowarning Disable the warning message at startup
  • -logevents Logs events to Centrafuse.log

* Be sure to follow all local traffic laws and ordinances at all times.


Locate the shortcut used to launch Centrafuse. Right click the shortcut and choose Properties. On the Shortcut tab, find the Target field and use the parameters as shown below:

...\centrafuse.exe" -advsettings

OR you can combine them

...\centrafuse.exe" -advsettings -nowarning -nolimit

Note: Make sure to put the startup parameters OUTSIDE the quotes or else it will not work. Make sure to only have a single space in between multiple parameters and avoid using copy/paste for these. The character before the parameter is a hyphen, aka a minus sign. Certain PC applications commonly replace hyphens with dashes and this may cause a problem if you copy/paste the values.

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