My Hardware ID changed and Centrafuse will not start. What should I do?

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You will need to create a new license unlock file from your My account page using your new hardware ID. See this knowledge base item How do I create a license file to unlock Centrafuse?

Why did my Hardware ID change?

Your hardware ID can change for a lot of reasons. Think of your hardware ID as a unique fingerprint of your system. This includes things like BIOS version, mainboard, OS, and various system components. Driver updates and Windows Update can also cause the hardware ID to change. Some people have more problems than others. You mileage may vary depending on your luck and how often you change your system.

Will I be penalized for creating a new license if my hardware ID changes?

No. We understand that hobbyist type systems are constantly undergoing hardware upgrades. We try to accomodate this as best we can. That is why we have provided a reset option, if needed. Just log in to your My account page, and click the 'reset' option next to your license.

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