Troubleshooting Guide - Installation

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On most systems, Localizer "should" install without a problem. Sometimes, that isn't the case. So here's a step by step trouble-shooting guide.

First - always check the Windows Application log for Localizer errors. That's where you'll find them.

If Localizer is unable to properly install and register the virtual com port driver and controls, you may see these symptoms:

  • The UI displays, but the data does not update.
  • Even though you've selected a com port, nothing shows up in Device manager.
  • .Net errors or "NullObjectReference" errors in the Application Log.
  • Nothing. No errors, no messages, but it just doesn't work.
  • Dialog pop-ups asking you to register or purchase the virtual com port software
  • NOTE: You will see a dialog box telling you the vsport.dll was registered successfully. This is normal if everything goes well.

Please consult our video guides for proper installation instructions.


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