I'm having connection issues with my Bluetooth phone. What can I do?

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Centrafuse Bluetooth support depends on the IVT BlueSoleil stack for Hands-Free operations. This product can be purchased and licensed directly from IVT: BlueSoleil

This product has know compatibility issue with all models of the iPhone. We DO NOT recommend that you use Bluetooth with Centrafuse and your iPhone.

For most other brands, Bluetooth is reasonably stable. Just keep in mind that there area lot of "players" when it comes to using BT hands-free on a PC. We're counting on many devices: (Sound card, PC audio driver, Bluetooth dongle on PC, PC stack (BlueSoleil), your handset, and its Bluetooth stack) to play nice together.. something Bluetooth does not always do well. That said, the best solution can be trying a different Bluetooth dongle.

For some reason, the best one are usually the cheap off-brand model from MCS - http://www.mo-co-so.com/USB-Bluetooth-Dongle-for-Centrafuse-Auto-p/mcs-usb-btd.htm or http://www.mo-co-so.com/Miniature-Class-2-Bluetooth-Dongle-p/mcs-btd-min.htm

Although the latest version of BlueSoleil (10.0.470.0 as of this writing) is said to support BT4.0, we do not recommend that you purchase a BT4.0 dongle. stick with BT2.1.

Also, avoid built-in BT devices on your motherboard. None of the Asus BT devices included on their motherboards are compatible with BluweSoleil.

More expensive name brands dongles like Kensington, D-Link and Belkin are generally not as good. Stay away from those, unless you already own one and want to try it.

If you need to "start over", you need to remove completely the pairing from both the phone and the PC when you have an issue. It's the only way to cleanly re-create the pairing.

When you remove the pairing from PC, remove it with CF closed, from BlueSoleil My Bluetooth Places on the Desktop.

Unpair and delete the device from BlueSoleil; then do the same on your handset.

Then restart both your PC and your handset.

Then start CF up, go in Phone Settings and use "Search for Phones" in CF Settings to re-create the pairing.

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