What are the system requirements for Centrafuse Auto?


Centrafuse is designed to run on all consumer Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8.1)

The recommended hardware requirements are:

  • 1.6GhZ Atom or faster processor.
  • 2 GB memory or more.

Although all computers are different, it is generally advised to make sure you have these components installed before installing Centrafuse.

  • The latest drivers and patches for your motherboard and all attached hardware.
  • All recommended updates and patches from Windows update, including all .Net Framework updates.
  • The latest updates for your video driver.

Make sure your basic Windows environment is stable BEFORE you install Centrafuse. Carefully examine your Windows Event Logs and fix any obvious problems before proceeding. If done correctly, your log files should be virtually free of red error messages.

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