Localizer 5 is now available for download

Localizer 5x GUI is a FREE upgrade for all Localizer 3x and 4x users! You'll find an upgrade button next to your existing licenses.
Not only that, but when you upgrade, it resets your account to 1 license used, so if you've already reset once, that will be cleared and you get a free reset. But wait, there's more! Your Localizer 5x GUI license ALSO works for with the Localizer 1-port service version. You can run either version...or both at the same time. That's right, you get two ports for the price of one. Pretty sweet!

Here's what you need to do:

1. Uninstall your current version of Localizer - this is NOT an automatic update.
2. Download the latest version of Localizer 5x GUI (we'll talk about the service version in a minute)
3. Install the new version. New installer (pretty) and it registers all the port drivers. The command prompt window takes a minute to close, so be patient.
4. Get the NEW hardware ID. It IS NOT the same as your 3x/4x hardware id!
5. Create your new license file and place it in the Localizer folder.
6. That's it. You should be all set to go.
Here's what changed from Localizer version 4 GUI:
  • Administrator privileges are no longer needed. Localizer runs as the current account.
  • All logging is done to the windows application event log
  • All port drivers are registered at startup
  • New installer package
  • Installer package, executable and main dlls are all digitally signed.
  • Updates are no longer automatic. Just click the "Check for updates" button
  • Localizer finds ALL GPS/GNSS sensors, regardless of manufacturer or model
  • The hardware ID should no longer change with bios updates...so theoretically, you'll never have to reset your license due to a software update.